Kleresca® Treatment For Acne

Introducing a new Acne treatment to Shepparton Skin Clinic
Acne is painful enough, so the treatment shouldn’t be. If you’re looking for a new treatment with high safety and efficacy, Kleresca® might be just what you are looking for. We understand that facing life with acne can be heartbreaking. Kleresca
®  was developed specifically to improve your acne, restore your complexion and help you gain more confidence. In studies, the Kleresca® Acne Treatment has demonstrated long-lasting efficacy with minimal safety concerns. 

Shepparton Skin Clinic is the ONLY clinic in Regional Victoria to offer a multi-wavelength LED with BioPhotonic light conversion to successfully treat acne.


What is Kleresca®?

Kleresca® is a breakthrough BioPhotonic treatment that significantly and comfortably improves acne, with a demonstrated safety profile. It is offered exclusively in professional doctors and dermatology clinics.

Kleresca® harnesses the power of BioPhotonics to safely and effectively treat your acne. The treatment also stimulates the repair of scarring by encouraging the build-up of collagen in the skin. The treatment uses a high intensity in-clinic lamp together with a photoconverter gel to kill bacteria in the skin and stimulate your skin's own repair systems in a pleasant and comfortable way.

The treatment is administered twice a week for six weeks. A healthcare professional will apply a topical gel that is illuminated under a multi-wavelength LED light for nine minutes.


What is BioPhotonics?

BioPhotonics is a unique light conversion system that is designed to stimulate your skin’s own repair at the cellular level. Kleresca® is an innovative BioPhotonic treatment which utilises a multi-wavelength LED light combined with a photoconverter gel.

The gel allows the spectrum of wavelengths to penetrate into the skin to kill bacteria and stimulate your skin’s own repair systems. This treats your acne and encourages the stimulation of collagen and elastin, which may help facilitate the repair of acne scarring.


Who is it for?

Kleresca® is an efficient treatment for all kinds of acne, even severe cases. To start the treatment, you should schedule a consultation. Our Doctor will determine whether treatment with Kleresca® is right for you.


How is the treatment performed?

A healthcare professional will cleanse your skin and apply the Kleresca® gel to your face. The gel is then photo-activated using a multi-wavelength LED lamp.

You may feel a warm sensation on your skin, and most people find the treatment pleasant and comfortable. After nine minutes under the light, the gel is removed. Your complexion may experience redness after the treatment.

How is the Kleresca treatment different to other LED devices, such as HEALITE & OMNILUX? 

​Red light, infrared and blue light have been used for two decades to treat a variety of skin conditions. All are useful for the treatment of mild acne. However, the blue light does not penetrate deep enough to treat most breakouts of P. Acnes. With the Kleresca treatment for acne, the gel is absorbed into the oil gland and then acts to magnify the effect of blue light.  The biophotonic gel increases the effectiveness of acne treatments, therefore the blue light used in Kleresca acne treatment is stronger than the Healite & Omnilux LED devices. 
​It has been shown to increase collagen in the skin, so not only does it settle acne, but it also helps in preventing new acne scar formation and the repair of existing scars. 


When can you expect to see results?

You should see noticeable improvements to your skin as the deeper layers respond and skin repairing occurs during the six-week treatment course.

For at least six weeks after your treatment, you can expect to see additional improvements to your complexion. Results have been seen to have a long-lasting effect for at least six months.

Advantages of Kleresca® include:

 Baseline                                                                    Week 12                                                                    Week 45

Baseline                                          Week 6                                   Week 18                                           Week 33                                        Week 45



To find out if this treatment could be a relevant for you, please book a consultation with our Doctor. Call us on (03) 5822 2393 for any further enquiries.