The key to successful treatment of skin cancer, especially melanoma is early detection and treatment.

When to Have a Skin Check

Detection Diagnosis and Treatment of Skin Cancer

Total Body Map and Serial Digital Imaging

Shepparton Skin Clinic offers computerized body mapping and close contact serial photography of moles.  These thorough examinations are performed by the doctor who checks all moles.

A body map is then performed by our trained melanographer who photographs all identified moles and provides a CD for you to take home. The doctor also teaches self surveillance so you may reliably check your own moles.

This aids early diagnoses and decreases the need for unnecessary excisions and biopsies.

Treatment of Skin Cancer

We offer early biopsy and treatment of all skin cancers and sunspots.

Nearly all cases can be treated under local anaesthetic in our surgical procedure room avoiding hospital waiting times and expenses.

We offer all treatment options including surgical removal, skin grafts, photo dynamic therapy, various creams, cryotherapy, curette and diathermy.

In Australia, every year: