Total Body Mole Mapping and Dermoscopy

A Body Map is a comprehensive melanoma detection and management system. Our unique service begins with a full skin check by our doctor who will use a dermatoscope to identify any spots or moles of concern that need monitoring.
A total body molemap is then performed by our trained melanographer who will photograph the whole body, including close up, contact serial digital imaging of identified moles.

Your body map is recorded on disc which is provided to you at your three month check. The doctor will teach you self surveillance so that you can monitor and check your own skin between visits. If everything is normal at your check you will be asked to return at 12 month intervals for review.

Our system is unique in that you will always see a doctor at your appointment who can identify and treat any lesions or moles that are of concern on the day, or soon after. There is no waiting time for photos to be sent to a specialist and reviewed. Having a disc in your possession means that you have a clear record of your skin so that you can check any changes in your skin at any time.

You may request a body map or one may be recommended to you by the doctor.
There is no medicare rebate on total body mapping but some private health funds do provide a rebate for this service.

Why Have A Total Body Map?

Melanoma is dangerous. Other skin cancers may not be as aggressive but also pose a risk to your health. Many Australians, especially those of European descent are at risk. Early detection and treatment minimizes risk and makes treatment simpler and more successful.

Total Body Mole Mapping is recommended for those who: